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Technology entrepreneur Peter Diamandis knows when he is on to something big. He has recently been promoting his new event, which is expected to be one of the biggest conferences of its kind. The Abundance 360 Summit takes place March 26-27 in Dubai and it will be a highlight for those in the e... Read More

Jim McKelvey may be the most successful technology entrepreneur in Missouri history. He should be well-received next week when he speaks at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. McKelvey will be participating in a rapid-fire discussion, which will touch on topics like technology an... Read More

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik has the unique distinction of being a neuroscientist in real life while also playing one on TV. She will speak about her interesting background at the University of Tennessee's Mossman Distinguished Lecture Series. The event takes place from 6:30-8 p.m. on Mond... Read More

One of the biggest stories recently in technology is Amazon's abrupt decision to pull out of plans for a New York City headquarters. New York and Northern Virginia were chosen in November out of a list of 18 finalists, but lawmakers and activists soon mounted opposition to the tax breaks and grants... Read More

Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph recently had the opportunity to reach the next generation of entrepreneurs. He spoke at High Point University in a moderated Q&A with Department of Biology chair Dr. Angela Bauer. Randolph talked about how important personal growth is to the entrepreneurial... Read More

Many seek the insights of futurist Jim Carroll into what lies ahead for a particular industry. NCPDP is the next company to enlist his services, welcoming him in as the keynote speaker at their Annual Technology & Business Conference. The event takes place May 6-8 at the Westin Kierland Res... Read More

Futurist Daniel Burrus recently addressed a record-setting crowd at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas. Nearly 1,200 people were in attendance to hear him give his keynote speech, titled, "The Anticipatory Organization: A Proven Model to Predict Change & Create Extraordinary Results. ... Read More

Like most years, the speaking schedule is already filling up in 2019 for Apple computer creator Steve Wozniak. There is no doubt that "the Woz's" affable personality and amazing achievements have made him one of the top names in technology. Three recent appearances have been announced for Wozni... Read More