4 Ways To Improve Your Next Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings have become the norm in nearly every industry as more companies continue to opt for remote work. Many teams are now able to collaborate from anywhere, without the distractions of traditional office meetings. However, video calls can be hard on your team, and if you are not prepared, you could end up hosting an unproductive meeting. We recommend using some of the following tips to get the most out of your virtual meeting:


Make a Schedule


Well-organized meetings are generally more productive. Making a schedule ahead of time forces you to outline your meeting’s goals and objectives in advance. Sending this schedule to your team will also help you make the most of your meeting. Participants can provide more prepared, well-thought-out ideas when they know what topics will be discussed ahead of time. A clear schedule also improves productivity by reducing the likelihood that your meeting will go on unnecessarily. It will also help to prevent unrelated conversations during meetings.


Check Your Tech


One of the most significant drawbacks of having virtual meetings is the risk of technological failure. Run a pre-meeting check of your technology to reduce the risks of coming into technical issues during the meeting. Ensure your alerts are turned off and that your microphone, camera, and screen sharing are turned on. It is always better to respond from a laptop or desktop computer rather than a cell phone if you have the option. Desktop meeting tools are often easier to use, have more features, and provide better audio and video quality.


Encourage Participation


Without an element of human interaction, virtual gatherings can feel impersonal. To counteract this, hosts should greet callers personally as they join the meeting. You can even try dedicating five minutes at the beginning of each conversation to an icebreaker or a quick group discussion.


Take Breaks


Anyone who has spent the last few years attending online meetings can attest to the fact that Zoom fatigue exists. While virtual meetings are definitely convenient, it is important to set certain ground rules so that everyone gets the most out of each call. Your eyes can become strained and overstimulated if they are constantly glued to your computer screen, especially during multi-way calls. Scheduling breaks in between sessions allows participants to collect their thoughts and better prepare to tackle the next task at hand.


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