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For a business to be successful, it needs to have a motivated and productive workforce. Regardless of their industry, many business owners have realized that hiring motivational speakers may benefit their employees. So, how can corporate motivational speakers help employees in the workplace become m... Read More

Virtual events have become the new industry standard, and as a result, the need for engaging virtual speakers has significantly grown. Because it is common for presentations to appear impersonal when they are not in person, a virtual speaker must be captivating to build an on-screen connection with... Read More

When it comes to cybersecurity, nothing beats learning from professionals. Help improve your Application Security strategy by taking advice of industry leaders who have seen the advancements made in the industry over the years. Read on for a list of some top tech keynote speakers and cybersecurity k... Read More

How to Find a Keynote Speaker

Considering the events of the past year, it is hard to believe that keynote speakers are getting overbooked or sold out, but that is exactly what’s happening. The secret to reserving the perfect keynote speaker (and making sure they are available for your event) is to book speakers as early as possi... Read More

Marc Raibert is one of the top robotics experts in the world today. His speaking engagements are filled with fun presentations of the newest top innovations, as was the case earlier this month at the Robotics + AI TechCrunch Sessions event. Raibert closed the conference with an on-stage question and... Read More

Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC, is always one of the most anticipated events on the technology calendar. This year is no exception, with anticipation building for the June 3 kickoff at the McHenry Convention Center in San Jose, California. Rumors indicate that Apple is ready to new hardwa... Read More

Futurist Shawn Dubravac is an expert when it comes to telling people what new technologies are coming to and already redefining the workplace. He recently shared his insights as the keynote speaker at the 5th Annual HR TECH MENA Summit in Dubai. The main focus of Dubravac's presentation was on moder... Read More

The road to relevance for a technology startup can be a difficult one. Entrepreneurs in the tech space often get tied up with logistical planning, which are certainly important things to look at. However, the best way to find success is to differentiate yourself from the competition. That are s... Read More