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Ray Kurzweil has been one of the largest forces of progress in modern history. His contributions to science and technology have been immense and he continues to innovate today. As one of our chief inventors, Kurzweil has created tools like text-to-speech synthesis, optical character recognition... Read More

Many people want to watch their businesses grow, only to end up disappointed when they see little traction. Technology futurist Daniel Burrus recently shared by BBN Times seven different reasons why people have business growth failure. 1. Failure to Anticipate It is important to remember n... Read More

Jim McKelvey is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent memory to come out of St. Louis and Washington University. A building at his alma mater will now also carry his name with the renaming of The School of Engineering & Applied Science. The James McKelvey School of Engineering was made... Read More

Physicist Brian Cox Speaks at ITG Live Event

Marketing services company Inspired Thinking Group decided to kick off 2019 in a big way. They brought three major speakers to their live event, including physicist Brian Cox. Cox was first up on the stage and he laid out quantum theory in a way the audience can grasp. He also shared how nature... Read More

One of the world's largest electronics technology conferences wrapped up last week, with thousands of attendees pouring into the IPC APEX EXPO. They had one of the world's leaders in the automotive revolution, Tesla CTO J.B. Straubel, serve as keynote speaker. Straubel opened the event with his... Read More

Any entrepreneur can experience burnout. A 2018 Harvard Business Review survey says that roughly 25% of entrepreneurs at some point feel worn out. Fast Company recently got the advice from six of the world's leading entrepreneurs on how to avoid experiencing burnout. VaynerX chairman Gary Vaynerchuk... Read More

Nextech Systems leads the way when it comes to healthcare technology solutions for specialty physicians and their EDGE national user conference is one of the biggest in the industry. They are adding added prestige to their event this year with keynote speaker Daniel Kraft. EDGE will take place... Read More

One of the main missions former Facebook executive Randi Zuckerberg has is getting more women inspired to pursue technology jobs and entrepreneurship. She will travel north of the border this spring to continue that initiative at the Bell International Leaders series. The Chamber of Commerce of Metr... Read More