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Post-COVID Tech Trends

As a result of the COVID pandemic, many aspects of our lives have seen a dramatic acceleration of digital transformation. The pandemic has influenced how we work, where we shop, and what new services or products are available. However, it also revealed the inadequacy and inefficiency of the many sys... Read More

Before COVID, business events garnered over 1 billion attendees each year. The pandemic halted the worldwide gatherings, leaving convention centers unused. In-person events are now on the rise after over a year and a half.ASD Market Week, a retail trade exhibition, attracted 30,000 masked attendees... Read More

Wondering what our work environment will be like in 2022 is the question on many of our minds. The pressure is on other companies to make a choice. Industry giants like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce have taken positions on remote work versus in-person. Facebook and Google insist on an in-person w... Read More

With the popularity of virtual meetings and events over the past year, it is safe to say they are not going anywhere. However, how will this technology develop, and what does this mean for meetings?The recent transition to working from home has been well-received. The next iteration, which is expect... Read More

The number of women working in tech reveals a harsh reality: one gender dominates the business. According to a 2018 survey, women make up around 25% of the tech workforce in the United States. Additionally, women often earn less than their male counterparts. So, in honor of the powerful group of wom... Read More

In 2020, event planners swiftly shifted their focus to virtual events. This year, virtual events are here to stay with a hybrid approach. The hybrid event space offers event organizers a variety of opportunities. Attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors will have the opportunity to expand their reach and... Read More

For a business to be successful, it needs to have a motivated and productive workforce. Regardless of their industry, many business owners have realized that hiring motivational speakers may benefit their employees. So, how can corporate motivational speakers help employees in the workplace become m... Read More

Virtual events have become the new industry standard, and as a result, the need for engaging virtual speakers has significantly grown. Because it is common for presentations to appear impersonal when they are not in person, a virtual speaker must be captivating to build an on-screen connection with... Read More