Data Science is a Technology Industry on the Rise

There are many technologies that have growing work markets and data science is no exception. The demand for a workforce in this industry creates an ongoing need for people to gain education and adapt their skills. 

Some of the main job titles you will see today for data science include data analysts, data miners and big data scientists. Many are flooding in from the fields of engineering, programming and mathematics to fill these positions and yet there is still need for bodies in the industry. 

Converting people into data scientists is vital and there are several steps companies can take to identify the right candidates. 

Who makes a good data scientist?

A good data scientist is someone who has significant experience in a niche topic, but also possesses curiosity and personal skills. They inquisitive nature allows them to create value. 

Add Entrepreneurs to the Corporate Environment

Searching for data scientists in a corporate environment is often a fool's errand. The multidisciplinary mindset is much more commonly found in entrepreneurs. The problem-solving in these jobs requires innovative thinking, which is something people in entrepreneurial environments live by. 

Academics Bring Analysis 

Even though colleges are still trying to adapt my adding data science programs, some staff already entrenched in academia are good fits to jump immediately into this world. Since they have completed degrees, they have the strong analytical skills needed for these positions. They need some time to engage with real issues found in a business environment, but most adapt quickly. 

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Four Skills Needed to a Data Scientist: