Speaker Fees For Virtual Events

Virtual speaking engagements are in great demand as different groups begin to find out the benefits of these unique experiences. The world’s top technology speakers, computer experts, internet pioneers and others are taking this format by storm, providing quality content at a fraction of the price.

Technology Speakers is a leader when it comings to booking these tech icons for virtual events, webinars, video conferences and Zoom meetings. Just like when it comes to in-person events, people who have made their name in technology are some of the most sought-after speakers for organizations in every industry imaginable.

Here are just three of the pluses related to hiring a virtual technology speaker:

1. They come at a discount

Speaker fees for Virtual events come at a great savings to your budget for many reasons, including cost of a speaker. Tech leaders may charge up to 50% less than their normal fee to speak virtually.

2. They allow greater flexibility

There is no need to factor in travel time when booking a virtual technology speaker eliminates. That significantly shortens the speaker’s time commitment and may help you hire someone who normally has a pretty full schedule.

3. They foster a more organic conversation

Some say that virtual speakers grab the attention of the audience better than they would if they are in-person. Virtual events create a one on one experience for the viewer and the speakers that excel at them are great at taking questions from either a moderator or other event participants.

What all these virtual event factors add up to is added flexibility for you as an event planner or business leader. While certainly different than an in-person speaking engagement, virtual meetings can still create a lasting memory for your group.

Before deciding which virtual technology speaker is right for you, review our database of the industry’s top names to find the right fit for your group and budget. Then, you can fill out our online Booking Request Form and reach out to get the process started!

Our talented team of our booking agents typically helps you with the availability and cost of the speaker you have in mind. They are also great at making suggestions, so do not hesitate to call Technology Speakers directly at 1-888-832-4360.

Let our over 20 years of experience guide you on the road to hiring a great virtual technology speaker!