Tech Trends to Watch in 2022

What are the most important technological advancements that will impact our lives in 2022? Continue reading to learn about some tech trends to keep an eye on this year.




One of the most popular terms right now is "metaverse." It is essentially a virtual world made possible by merging several technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality. The next phase of the internet is expected to be 'extended reality,' which will blur the lines between physical and digital life. Take into account in-game purchases, in which computer gamers can pay real money for virtual products and services. A customized avatar creator or a metaverse research scientist are examples of jobs in the metaverse.


Self-Fertilizing Crops


Every year, roughly 110 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer are utilized in crop cultivation around the world. This equals 1% to 2% of worldwide CO2 emissions. According to the Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2021, plants such as soy and beans that also include peas and lentils, utilize a "clever approach" to make their own nitrogen. Other crops, such as corn and other grains, may now be "coaxed" to self-fertilize, according to scientists.


3D-Printed Houses


The Forum claims in the report that feeding elements like concrete, sand, and plastics into a giant 3D printer to manufacture homes is a "relatively simple and low-cost construction method." However, the absence of infrastructure to transport materials has prevented 3D printing from being used in remote and growing areas, where it may have the most impact. This could change if more businesses follow in the footsteps of WASP, an Italian 3D printing company. WASP has shown how to print housing components out of locally available materials such as clay soil.


Low-Carbon Shipping


Currently, just about 2% of road transport fleets create zero emissions. However, low-carbon solutions have emerged as a result of bulk shipping - both rail and seaborne. This is according to Bernard S. Meyerson, IBM's Chief Innovation Officer Emeritus and Vice-Chair of the Top 10 Emerging Technologies steering group. The Coradia iLint, a CO2-free passenger train, and the development of alternative shipping fuels like green ammonia, a carbon-free gas created with renewable energy, are two examples.


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