Volkswagen Primed to Up Their Investment in Electric Cars

Volkswagen is putting additional resources towards the development of electric cars. They are converting three of their German factories specifically for the manufacturing of these zero-emission vehicles.

Production will begin at their Emden and Hamburg facilities in 2022 and a location in Zwickau was already earmarked for the construction of e-cars. Workers at these factories were given job guarantees until 2028, but Volkswagen will begin to reduce positions because there are fewer steps associated with building electric cars.

One reason for this move is the new rules coming from the European Union in 2021 on greenhouse gas emissions. Many car makers had invested significantly in diesel-powered vehicles, since they produce fewer emissions of carbon dioxide then gas-powered cars.

Diesel cars have not sold well in Europe however and they do emit more pollution in real driving scenarios then shown in the tests. Electric cars have had their own sales problems due to higher cost, but that is sure to change once the EU’s regulations are in place.

If you are looking for a speaker that understands the rapidly changing world of automotive technology, John Waters has a bevy of experience to lean on. Waters worked on the first high-volume electric car, GM’s EV1.

Waters went on to work on significant projects like producing the first large-format lithium-iron batteries. He later consulted major companies on clean energy and transportation strategies as the Vice President of Transportation for Rocky Mountain Institute. 

Waters continues to lead the charge in the sustainable enterprise industry today as the founding CEO of Bright Automotive. Under his guidance, the Bright team developed a 100 mpg plug-in hybrid utility vehicle known as Bright IDEA. 

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John Waters Talks About Bright's Hybrid Van: