What Hybrid Events Will Look Like

In 2020, event planners swiftly shifted their focus to virtual events. This year, virtual events are here to stay with a hybrid approach. The hybrid event space offers event organizers a variety of opportunities. Attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors will have the opportunity to expand their reach and strengthen their connections. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about hybrid events.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events combine the benefits of both in-person and virtual events. One group attends the event in person, while the other watches it through an event platform. Hybrid events should be immersive. Attendees, both in-person and online, should be able to engage with the event’s content, network, and connect with sponsors.

A successful hybrid event should:

  •        Use an efficient event technology platform and provide seamless networking opportunities.
  •        Create an interesting viewing experience for all participants.
  •        Prioritize both in-person and virtual experiences.


Benefits of Hybrid Events

While hybrid events provide unique obstacles for event planners, they also offer a variety of possibilities.

Some benefits include:

·       Expanded Reach: Attendees can face major obstacles due to venue limits, travel restrictions, and extra fees. By adding a virtual layer to your event, you can reach a larger audience and make it more inclusive.

·       Increased ROI: The return on investment (ROI) of an event is a major goal for event organizers. You can increase ticket sales by selling to both in-person and virtual participant groups.

·       Data Collection: Virtual events provide countless opportunities for data collection. The ability of an event platform to provide deep data insights is a must-have feature.


Choosing the Right Event Platform

Hybrid events can be difficult to pull off, but with an effective event platform, they can be an engaging and immersive experience.

Some examples of hybrid event platforms include:

·       Remo: Remo is the ideal hybrid event platform for anyone looking for a unique networking experience. Guests are free to move tables as they choose, giving them several opportunities to mingle with new people. It also has a customizable floor plan that will make your visitors feel as if they have left the house.

·       Hopin: For large-scale events, Hopin is a great hybrid event platform. You can host events with up to 100,000 attendees online, making the event more accessible than in person. Hopin also provides post-event statistics, which is useful for reviewing your event after it has taken place.

·       Accelevents: Accelevents is another suitable option for large events. It can accommodate up to 100,000 people. Ticketing/registration, live chat, and polling are just a few of its features. Guests can view a newsfeed and agenda in the virtual lobby, as well as shop online.


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