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Volkswagen is putting additional resources towards the development of electric cars. They are converting three of their German factories specifically for the manufacturing of these zero-emission vehicles.Production will begin at their Emden and Hamburg facilities in 2022 and a location in Zwickau wa... Read More

As Good Morning America’s technology correspondent, one would think that Becky Worley would advocate for you to purchase the latest and greatest shiny smartphone. When it comes to what device parents should purchase for your kids, however, she advises they go with the old-fashioned flip phone.Parent... Read More

Jobs are bountiful in the cybersecurity world these days. Cybersecurity Ventures and other experts are predicting that by 2021, there will be 3.5 million industry jobs available, but unfilled. The increasing connectivity of the world has led to us being more vulnerable than ever. Data breaches... Read More

Technology writer Vivek Wadhwa has some defined thoughts about how Apple can better innovate in his home country. The brand has struggled recently in India and phone sales are expected to drop by one million this year. Reuters recently reported that Apple stores were empty in Diwali during the... Read More

Carmakers are marking vehicles at a rapid rate that are able to collect data about their drivers through Wi-Fi. You might not even know that your car is able to send information out about where you are, what you are listening too and more. According to a recent CBS News story, privacy advocates... Read More

There are new advancements coming to Samsung devices that will make them more connected and intelligent. Viv Labs co-founder Adam Cheyer along with company CEO Dag Kittlaus have debuted the Bixby Developer Studio, which will allow for the creation of voice apps. Samsung's AI assistant, Bix... Read More

Monday night was a big night for the gaming industry with the eSports Awards being held in London. As expected, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was a big standout of the night, taking home honors for streamer of the year and personality of the year. The game Blevins is best known for, Fortnite, won break... Read More

Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly has an extensive background observing technology and cyber culture. He will try to impart some words of wisdom based on that experience when he speaks at Notre Dame's Idea Week this spring. Kelly was one of the first keynote presenters announced for the event that t... Read More

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